Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Love Poems

Now i really don't write to many love poems but when i do write them i either have deep feeling for that person or i have a great inspiration

Why So Shy

Why am i so shy, why am i so scared
to say hi,Is it my pride that i hide behind,
So i wont be rejected,Am i infected by the
way of the crazed or is it just a phase either
way i gotta break the habit,Because I'm slowly
fading in this world that i created,And all this
debating on my feelings for you is getting old
and tired so I'll just enter the fire until i fill
my hearts desire

Life worth Dreaming Of

As i peer into the unopened window
I can somehow smell the wind blow,
As it picks the the untouched leaves
I can hear the earth breath.As i slowly
ease my eyes toward the sky I find
myself above the clouds hearing not a
sound,I say to myself This is a life worth
dreaming of But as the sun hovers over my
view i catch a glimpse at you and i know your
the one for me,Because you freeze my thoughts,
Pierce My heart, and caress my soul So behold
the love i show to you as i hope you see me to
In This Life Worth Dreaming Of

If You Only Knew

If you only knew That every time when you told
me lies,That deep inside apart of me died.You
just don't know how hard i tried to keep our love
alive.I don't know why you kept making things
hard even from the start when all you had to do
was speak from the heart and because of that things
ended before it could even start

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